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The Meijer CnF Amsterdam Team

Accountancy, administration and tax services

Meijer CnF is your financial advisor in Amsterdam. As an accountant, administration office and tax-financial adviser, we help our clients with practical advice that suits their company. As a team we are ready for our customers; we know our customers and our customers know us. They know that they can contact us quickly with any question and that there is always someone who can help them. Sounds good? Come and get acquainted!

Jan Meijer, founder administration office

Meijer CnF was originally founded as an administrative office by Jan Meijer. From the beginning, the customer was central and every advice was focused on more than just figures. It was precisely because of the relationship with the customers that we were able to build on his services and advice.

Accountancy expansion

In 2013 Jan Meijer passed on the baton to Claudia Spring in ‘t Veld and Jaad Chaara, enabling us to also offer you accountancy services such as payroll tax, subsidy and assessment statements and such. However, even with a new team and a wider range of services we have not changed our high standards. You can still call us directly, visit us and talk to us about more than just figures and accounting. With a team of professionals we are still guiding our customers and as always we are involved with your company. That is what you know about us. And that’s not about to change.

Meet us!

The founder and former owner Jan Meijer can still be found at Meijer CnF. As a committed consultant with creative solutions, he is still assisting entrepreneurs. Like to know who else is there for you? Come along to meet us.

Come to know

The founder and former owner Jan Meijer can still be found at Meijer CnF. As an involved consultant with creative solutions, he still assists entrepreneurs. Would you like to know who else is waiting for you? Then come and visit us to get acquainted.