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A satisfactory administration for your business

A satisfactory administration provides you at any given moment with the information your company requires. Do you require this but don’t want to spend the time necessary to realize this? Let us handle it for you.

Your administration custom made…

We set up your administration while keeping in mind your company, your business operation and the demands you’re required to meet. A solid fundamental which you can easily keep track of yourself. If needed, we assist you in this and advise you how to do better.

….or your administration handled for you

Don’t fancy spending any time on your administration? Let us take it out of your hands. With our online accountancy system we keep track of your complete financial administration. From loose slips to incoming invoices, quotations, bank statements and more: we process everything digitally. From our head office or on location.

Your financial administration

Your financial administration is the source for the tax returns which assessments, checks and declarations are based on. But it also the source of your decisions. When processing your financial administration, we use the software that best suits your wishes and needs. We have several possibilities for you: Unit4 Multivers, Afas, Cash, ExactOnline, Informer and Reeleezee.

Like to know more about processing your financial administration?

We are also able to fully take over your administration, from paying your creditors and handling your wages and taxes to sending out your sales invoices and collecting your debtors. Let us take this time out of your hands. Like to know more? Get in touch.