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Business advice

Specific and decisive to do more business

Knowing your figures, ambitions, your company and of course the branch, we are your conversation partner when it comes to the future of your company. And preferably we are even more than that. In this way we also deploy our extensive, professional network for you. Specific and decisive business advice, so you can continue in a responsible way. You want to do more? We are working on that!

The accountant you know

Developments follow up on each other faster than ever. But what is relevant to you? When do you have to join the stream and when do you choose to walk your own path? What suits you and your company? And what is possible in your financial position and in your future expectations? As your accountant, we are naturally aware of what is possible. But we know you too. Because we are interested in you and talk to you about your administration or your annual documents, we can tell you what the figures can’t.

Business advice, specific and practical

For specific and practical business advice that fits your company, come to Meijer CnF. We provide correct information placed in the right context, which you can act upon. Whether it concerns plans to offer, expand, merge, export or invest new products or services: we think along with you and assess the possibilities.

Talk to us about the future of your company!

Would you like to Discuss more about the future of your company? Or do you have an urgent issue in your company that requires expert advice? Please contact us.

Want to safe time for doing more business? Get in touch with us.
Meijer CnF, Amsterdam: Financial and tax support and business advice.


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