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Takeover, transfer or follow-up

A successful continuation of your company

If you have a thriving business, you cannot think early enough about business succession or a potential business transfer. Whether you are transferring your company inside or outside the family, it is important to prepare your company and the people around it to guarantee a successful takeover.

Business transfer

The basis of the business transfer is the value of the company. With our takeover counseling, we advise, guide and take care of the entire process from the first conversations, all the way to the final transfer. We map out financial, fiscal and legal consequences and, if necessary, we involve external parties.

Take over a company?

Wish to take over a company? Even still: good and expert advice is indispensable. With know-how and years of experience we can assist you. so you can interpret the valuation of a company and the book research and can assess the consequences for yourself and your plans. Not insignificant when you are about to start negotiations and make important strategic decisions.

Your options and opportunities for the transfer of a company

Let us discuss the possibilities and opportunities regarding business transfer, company acquisition and company succession. So you will be prepared in time. Please contact us for a free informal consultation.