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Human resource and absenteeism

Support and advice on your personnel policy

A good HR policy includes more than just timely payments of salaries. It includes everything from recruiting staff, setting up contracts to possible dismissals and dealing with absenteeism. Our HR specialists advise and support you in every detail of your personnel policy.

Reducing absence

Sick employees cost money. Reducing absence is therefore very interesting. A good policy and correct guidance of your sick employee reduces absence. However, this support must meet many requirements, such as the Working Conditions Act and the Law Improvement Gatekeeper. Our specialists know exactly what applies to you and how you can best implement this in your organization. We work with you and for you to reduce absence in your organization.

Contact us for lower costs due to sickness absence

Reduce the costs of high sickness absence with good working conditions and HR policy. We advise and support you in this and carry it out for you if necessary. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.