Timely and error-free payment of salaries

Payments of salaries must happen error-free and timely. Outsourcing your payroll administration to an expert that deals with this daily does not only save you time; it assures you of correct and timely process of salaries.

Implementation or temporary support with your administration

We can carry out the payroll administration for you so you can be sure that it fits seamlessly with your administration and organization. Only require temporary support because your financial department is underutilized? This is possible too.

Constant up-to-date insight into your administration

If we take over of the payroll for you in full or partly, we ensure it always complies with the current regulations and you making optimal use of these. Your administration is processed for you through an online portal so you and your employees are always able to view and download everything immediately. Declarations, pay slips and other personnel matters are available at any time. Naturally, the information is tailored to the user and meets all privacy requirements.

Employee benefits

Entrepreneurs who are looking to reward their employees additionally, can do so through employee benefits. This fiscally attractive extra can be take many forms: a lease car, a mobile or iPad, a pension, a gym subscription or many other advantages. The employee benefits must comply with tax rules. We know these rules and can inform you about them. So that you know in advance what the consequence of your offers are.

Contact us for more information

We are happy to help you with your payroll, in order for you to know in advance where you stand. Please contact us inform you about the possibilities of your company.