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Accountancy, administration and fiscal-financial advice

Our services for the entrepreneur

You take, see opportunities and dare to risk taking. But you want to go further and for that you need the space and the knowledge to know if you can take the risks. A good understanding of the figures is then essential, but to those figures you don’t want to spend your time. That is why we do that for you. And then together see how and when you can realize your ambitions.

Accountant and Administration Office

As accountant and Administration Office We process the figures for our customers. From a payroll administration to the preparation of the annual accounts and tax advice. We take over it from you, arrange it for you or advise you. Just how you want it, but just good. And of course we also take your private circumstances with you, which speaks for itself.

Your figures and your story

We look and interpret not only your figures, we also listen to your story. Because we are interested in our customers. We are here to help you and work with you and for you. How? This varies by entrepreneur. But always personal, critical, honest and with attention.

Our services

We offer our clients the following services:


Insight and information about your figures and the possibilities they offer you. And of course for the preparation of annual accounts, periodic management reports and pre-audit.


To set up your records or to implement them entirely. such as paying taxes, wages and anything related to it.

Business advice

For example, in the case of business transfer, follow-up or acquisition of a company.

Tax services and advice

The care of all tax returns and advice to make the best use of the tax rules.

Staff and salary

From the execution of your salary administration to advice on absenteeism and HR matters.

Client Online

A secure online customer portal that allows you to understand your figures anytime, anywhere, and access to the most important documents.

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